A Virtual Airline for everyone

Flying Kiwi, a virtual airline dedicated to providing top-notch service and unforgettable experiences in the world of aviation.


Our airline operations encompass a variety of services.

Scheduled Routes

Our scheduled routes offer convenient and reliable air travel to major cities worldwide.

Cargo Operations

We offer reliable air cargo services, providing efficient transportation of goods to various destinations with a focus on timely delivery and customer satisfaction.

Express Courier

Alongside our Cargo operations we offer express courier services for a wide range of items, from sensitive documents to fragile cargo, ensuring swift and reliable delivery to various destinations.


For those with a particular busy schedule or require charter flights providing personalized service and flexibility for customized travel experiences to various destinations.

Ferry Services

We provide aircraft ferry services to transport airplanes between locations, ensuring a safe and efficient relocation process for our clients’ aircraft.


We fly to a variety of destinations, with plans to expand our route network in the near future.